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Regen: Healthcare with compassion

Regen, a super speciality hospital, combines the best in tertiary health care with affordable pricing. Ours is a 24*7 Emergency & Ortho-Neuro-Trauma care centre comprising of advanced technologies to treat every case with utmost care. Everyone behind Regen staunchly believes in regenerating lives with honesty & hard-work. State-of-the-art facilities, economical pricing & unwavering faith will ensure proper care of every patient’s physical, mental & social well-being.

Making lives easier

An initiative by the visionary Dr Rishabh Sethi, Regen has developed an ethos involving honest consultancy, medical integrity & equality.


‘To provide easily accessible and affordable healthcare for all citizens - regardless of the section of society they come from - while adhering to the highest standards of healthcare principles.’

Values we stand by

Respect our patients & the medical profession
Excellence in administering our treatments
Gratitude for the technologies available to us
Empathy towards the concerns of our patients
Nobility & Integrity in our doctor-patient bond

Administering a dose of good health

At Regen, every patient who walks in through the doors is treated with love and compassion. Our patient-centric hospital is open 24*7, employs nurses trained for every situation & a friendly support staff. Experienced physicians apply vast medical knowledge to dutifully deliver healthcare services. Thus all patients walk out ready for a renewed & healthier life.

Quality Policy

Regen is relentlessly committed to delivering pervasively improving levels of healthcare, always matching the highest standards. Another imperative of ours is to take full use of advanced technologies and the educated expertise of our experienced physicians. Thus, we always achieve positive clinical outcomes & patient satisfaction.